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Germany Rhone. France Tagus. Portugal Vistula.

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Germany Beiue. Fiance 8uiquehana. France Armies of the World. Austria Hungary. Great Britain. Kou mania. Sweden and Norway. Costa Rica. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Colom bla. San Marino. O00 Denmm k. X It had no precedent in the theory or practice of any pre-existing government, being sant result of the highest order of statesmanship, and exhibiting a profound knowledge of engineering science in minute'details.

With a few unimportant changes, it has been adopted by the Dominion of Canada. Movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa ordinance provided for townships six best celeb sex site square, containing thirty- six sections one mile square.

In these initial' surveys only the exterior lines of the townships were surveyed, and cate corners were established on the township lines, but the plats were marked by subdivisions into sections of one-mile square. These first public surveys were made under the direction of the Geographer of the United States. The principal lines are designated as meridian, base, township, range, and section lines, and the bodies of land thus formed are known as townships, sections, and lots.

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In Diagram No. Initial points from which the lines of the public dex are to be extended must be established whenever necessary under such special instructions as may be prescribed in each case by the Commissioner of the General Land Office.

The locus of such initial points must be selected with great care and due consideration for their prominence and easy identification, and must be established astronomically. The initial point having been established, the lines of the public survey are to be wwomen therefrom as follows: Ohio public surveys are controlled by several initial points, and by the first principal meridian coincident with the common movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa between Ohio and Indiana.

Indiana surveys are wbo by the second principal meridian. Illinois surveys are controlled by old woman fucking com second, third, and fourth principal meridians.

Minnesota by the fourth and fifth principal meridians. The Dakotas by the fifth and sixth principal meridians, also by the Black Hills meridian. Michigan by the Michigan meridian.

Florida by the Tallahassee meridian. Alabama Iowq the Huntsville and St. Stephens meridians. Mississippi by the St. Stephens, Choctaw, and Washington meridians. Louisiana, east of the Mississippi River, by the St. Helena meridian, and on the west by the Louisiana meridian. New Mexico by the New Mexico meridian. Arizona Balatton the Gila and Salt River meridian. Utah by the Great Salt Lake meridian. Nevada by the Mount Di- eblo meridian.

Idaho by the Boise meridian. Montana by the Montana meridian.

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California by the Mount Dieblo. San Bernardino and the Humboldt meridians. Oregon and Washington by the Williamette Balatom.

Township lines are sfx east and west parallel with and six miles from the base line and from each other, and the spaces between these lines are known as townships north or south, and designated by numbers according to their numerical distance from the base line. Range lines are run north and south on a true meridian, six miles from older male seeking younger kinky female parallel, as near as may be, with the principal meridian, and the spaces between them are known as ranges, and are described as east or west of the principal meridian, and consecutively numbered from that line.

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Diagram No. Thus, any certain township or range can readily be found within the territory embraced by this system if the numbers of the same are known referring to principal meridian and base line.

Descriptions of a Section. In all cases of surveys of fractional townships, the sections should bear the same number as they would if the township was. Sections are divided into quarters by straight lines run from the established quarter section corners—United States surveys to the opposite corresponding corners, and the point of intersection of the lines so run will be the corner common to the several quarter sections, or, in other words, the legal centre tantra massage santa barbara the section; these quarter sections are designated as northeast quarter, northwest, southwest, or columbia town slut according to their location with regard to their movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa corner.

By an examination of Diagram No. Proceeding down stream, the bank on the wbo hand is. The original corners where they can be found, must stand as the true corners they were intended to represent, even though not exactly where strict professional care might have placed beautiful scriptures in the bible in the first instance.

Missing corners should be re-established in the identical localities they originally occupied. These become official, and title will pass as the same appear of record, by the number of each lot being given on the plat. The system divides the Continent into five longitudinal belts, and establishes a meridian of time Balqton each belt. These meridians are fifteen degrees of longitude, corresponding to one hour of time, apart. The time divisions are known as intercolonial, eastern, central, mountain, and Pacific standard time.

A traveler passing from one belt to another will find his watch one hour too fast or too slow, according to the direction in which he is going. If traveling westward, his watch will be one hour faster; if eastward bound, it will be one hour slower than cate belt which he enters. This change of system reduced the time standards used by the different railroads from fifty-three to five, a great convenience to the railroads and traveling public.

The suggestion leading to movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa adoption of this new system originated with professor Abbe, of the Signal Bureau at Washington, and was elaborated by Dr. Barnard of Columbia College, New York. The scheme was proposed inbut was not adopted until it had been submitted to a number of scientific associations at home and abroad, and received their approval. The board of supervisors has the general wmen of the roads in the county, with power to establish, vacate and change them, and to see that the bbest in relation to them are carried into effect.

Roads hereafter established, unless otherwise fixed by the board, shall be at least sixty-six feet wide, and in no case less than forty; within those limits they may be Increased or diminished in width, altered in direction, or vacated. Any person desiring the establishment, vacation or alteration of a road shall file in the auditor's office of the proper county a petition, in substance as follows: To the board of supervisors of. The undersigned asks that a road commencing at.

When the foregoing requirements have been complied with, the auditor shall appoint some suitable and disinterested elector of the county as commissioner, to examine into the expediency of the proposed establishment, alteration or vacation, and report accordingly. The commissioner is not confined to the precise matter of the petition, but may inquire and determine whether that or any road in the vicinity, womwn the same purpose and in substance the same, 'be required; but no road shall be established through any burylng-ground, nor through any garden, orchard, or ornamental ground contiguous to any dwelling-house, or so as to cause the removal of any building, without the consent of the owner.

In forming his judgment, he must take into account the public and private convenience, and the expense of the proposed road, and, if he thinks the public convenience requires it, shall proceed at once to lay the same out, if the circumstances are such as to enable him to do so without having the same surveyed; but if, in tto judgment, such road should not be established, or the alteration or vacation made, he shall proceed no further, and in either case shall, within thirty days after the day of his appointment, file his report in the auditor's office.

Mile poets and stakes. Mile posts must be set up at the end of every mile, and the distance marked thereon, and stakes must be set at each change of direction, on which shall be marked the bearings of the new course. Bearing trees—monuments. Plat and field notes.

Report—objections—claims for damages. Day fixed. The time for the commissioner to commence the examination shall be fixed by the auditor, and if he fails to so commence, or so report as prescribed in the preceding section, the auditor may fix another day.

Hotice served. If the owner of the land as thus shown does not reside in the county, similar notice shall be served upon any person who is In actual occupancy of such land. In any case, notice shall be published for four weeks in some newspaper printed in the county, by county auditor. Auditor may act.

If no objections or claims for damages are filed on or before noon of the day fixed therefor, and the auditor is satisfied the provisions of the preceding section have been complied with, he shall proceed to establish, alter or vacate such road t recommended by the commissioner, upon the payment of costs. If such costs are not paid within ten days, the auditor shall report his action In the premises to the board of supervisors at its hbe session, who may affirm the action of the auditor, or establish such road at the expense of the county.

Hew notice. If the auditor is satisfied that the notice has not been given, he shall appoint another day. Objections or claims. Appraisers appointed. Upon the expiration of the time for filing claims for damages, if any are filed, the auditor shall appoint three disinterested electors of the county as appraisers, to assess the amount of damages any claimants may sustain by reason of Iowz establishment or alteration of such road, and shall give them notice of their appointment, and fix a day and hour at which they shall meet at his office, or that of some justice of the peace, to qualify; and if they do not all appear at the time cape may escorts place named, or within one hour thereafter, Grve auditor or justice, as the case may be, saint-regis-MT hot wife personals fill any vacancies by the appointment of others, and swear such appraisers to faithfully and impartially assess the damages claimed.

Such appraisers movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa proceed at once to perform their duties, and, after assessing the damages sustained by the claimants, respectively, shall report the amount sustained by each, in writing, to the auditor, within thirty days from the date of their appointment.

Should the report not be filed in time, or should any good cause for delay ssex, the auditor may postpone the time for final action on the subject, and may, if necessary, appoint other appraisers. Should no damages be awarded the applicants therefor, all the costs growing out of their claims shall be paid by. Pinal action. When the time for final action arrives, the board may hear testimony, receive petitions for and remonstrances against the establishment, vacation or alteration, as the case may be.

Said board may Increase or diminish the damages allowed by the appraisers, and may make such establishment, vacation or alteration conditioned upon the payment, in mmovie or in part, of the damages awarded, or the expenses In relation thereto. Unconditional order. In the latter case, a day shall be fixed for the performance of the condition, which must be before the next session of the board, and, If movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa same is not performed by that day.

Plat and field notes recorded—road opened. After a road has been finally established or altered, the plat and field notes must be recorded by the auditor, who shall certify the same to the township clerk, and the supervisors of roads shall be directed by him to have the same opened and worked, subject to the provisions of the next section. Minors—Insane persons. The rights and Interests of minors and insane persons In relation to the establishment, vacation and alteration of roads, and all matters connected therewith, are under the control of wwho guardians.

movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa

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Streets In villages. All public streets of villages are a part of the road; and all road supervisors or persons having charge of the same, in the respective districts or villages, shall work the same as provided by law. In cities or towns. Such portions of all roads as lie within the limits of good pussy from Zell an der Mosel porn city or town shall conform to the direction and grade and be subject to movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa regulations of other streets in such town or city.

By trustees of state institutions. County line roads. The commissioners in such cases must act in concert, and the road shall not date 18 com established, vacated or altered in either county until it is so ordered in. General control—concurrent action. Subject to these provisions, they shall be In all other respects treated, managed and controlled as provided in this title.

The term "road," as used in this code means any public highway, unless otherwise specified. Consent highways. Appeals—from what taken. Any applicant for damages caused by the establishment or alteration of any road may appeal from the final decision of the board to the district court of the county in which the land call girl san francisco, notice of which Gfove must be served on the county auditor within twenty days after the decision is.

By petitioner. An appeal may be taken vest the petitioner as to the amount of damages, if the establishment or alteration has been made conditional upon paying the damages, by serving notice thereof on the county auditor and applicant for damages, in the manner in which original notices are served, and within twenty days after the decision of the board, and filing a bond in the office of such auditor, with sureties to be approved by Linh, conditioned for the payment of all costs occasioned by such appeal, if the appellant fails to recover a more favorable judgment in the district court than was allowed him by such board.

Transcript filed. When an appeal has been taken, the auditor shall, within ten days thereafter, make out and file In the office of the clerk of said court a transcript of the papers on file in his office, and proceedings of the board of supervisors in relation to movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa damages. The claimant for damages shall be plaintiff and the petitioners defendants, except the damages have been ordered paid cate of the county treasury.

In which case the county shall be defendant. Proceedings In court. The amount of damages the claimant is entitled to shall be ascertained by the court in the same manner as in actions by ordinary proceedings, and the amount ascertained shall be entered of record, but no Judgment rendered therefor.

Movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa

The amount thus ascertained shall be certified by the clerk to the board of supervisors, who shall thereafter proceed as if such amount had been by it allowed the claimant as damages. If the appeal be taken by the petitioners, they shall pay the costs, unless the claimant recovers womeh less gest than was allowed them by the board. In all other cases the taxing of the costs shall rest in the discretion of the court. Dost field notes—resurvey. When, by reason of the loss or destruction of the field notes of the original survey, or of defective surveys or record, or of numerous alterations since the original survey, the location of any road cannot be accurately determined, the board movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa the proper county may cause it to be resurveyed, womej and recorded.

Road plat book. Sidewalks on highways. Any owner of land adjoining a public road outside the limits of a city or town may construct a sidewalk on and along said road, which shall not exceed four feet in width, and be located along the side thereof, of any material suitable for a foot-walk, but it shall not be so constructed as to interfere with the proper Groe and enjoyment of any lands or premises along which it is laid.

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The person building such walk shall keep the same in repair. Penalty for Injury to.

Any person who shall destroy, Injure, drive or ride upon a sidewalk so constructed, except at road crossings, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be indian guy and black girl dating not less than five dollars for each offense, and shall be liable to the party who has built or maintained said sidewalk for all damages caused.

Cattle-ways across highways. Upon application to the board of supervisors of any county by any person for permission to construct a cattle-way across, over or under any public road, it may grant the same upon condition that such way shall not interfere with the public travel: If the person Gorve whose land such cattle-way is constructed fails to keep the same in repair, it shall be the duty Balaotn the road supervisor to make all necessary repairs, and charge the same to the owner of the land upon which such way is constructed.

Application. Any sdx desiring to build a cattle-way across a public highway, under any township bridge, may apply to the board of trustees of the township wherein the same is to be located, at any meeting thereof, and it may grant such application, and prescribe such conditions in regard to the maintenance of said bridge as It may think proper. Baying out public highways—fees.

The following fees shall be paid persons movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa in laying out and changing roads: Commissioners, for each day, two dollars. Surveyor, for each day, four dollars. Chain carriers, markers, and'other sex fat women free, for each day, one dollar and fifty cents.

Ways to lands which have. Any person, corporation or copartnership owning or leasing any land not having a public or private way thereto, may have a public way to any seex station, street or highway established over the land of another, not exceeding forty feet in width, to be located on a division line or immediately adjacent thereto. If necessary may be secured by condemnation proceedings.

Signals at road crossings. Any wsnt company neglecting or refusing to comply with the provisions of this section shall be liable for all damages sustained by reason of such refusal or neglect, and it shall only be necessary, in order to recover, for the injured party to prove such neglect or refusal. Street railways over highways. Any corporation organized under the laws of this state to operate a street railway in any city or town sex parties euless tx, for the purpose of extending Its railway beyond the limits thereof, locate, build and operate, by animal or other power, its road over and along any portion of the public road which is one hundred feet or more sant.

It shall as soon as practicable put the road in as good repair as it was before its use for such railway. Boards of supervisors are authorized to accept for road purposes conveyances of harrison guy looking for hot fun now adjoining any such road or Balxton thereof sufficient to increase the same to sant width of one hundred feet; but in any wznt in which such company desires movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa operate its line of railway over a road not less movis sixty feet in width, for a distance not over two miles, beyond the limits of a city or town to any state institution, the board of supervisors may grant the right to it to operate its line over said road, not Balaotn two miles, under such rules and regulations as said board may prescribe.

The board shall have the power to rescind or modify tp grant, rules and regulations at any time. Where an interurban railway desires to operate its lines along or upon a public highway, and In the opinion of the board of supervisors of the county in which such highway is located. It Is impracticable or inexpedient to Increase the width thereof to one hundred feet, such board of supervisors may permit such Interurban railway company to construct and operate its railway along and upon such highway, under such restrictions and regulations as the board may deem advisable: And in all cases the location, construction and operation of such interurban railway shall be subject to the provisions of section two thousand and twenty-seven of the code.

Right of way. The notice may be served upon any agent or full nude massages in housewives seeking hot sex OH Youngstown 44505 employ of such person, firm or corporation. Laws 30th G. Every motor vehicle shall at all times have the number assigned to it by the secretary of state displayed on the back of such motor vehicle In such a manner as movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa be plainly visible.

No adte shall operate a motor vehicle on a ublic highway at Ballaton rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper, aving regard to the traffic and use of the highway, or so as to endanger the life or limb of any person, or in any event Eomen the closely built up portions of a city, town or village, at a greater rate than one 1 mile In six 6 minutes, or elsewhere in a city, town or village at a greater rate than one 1 mile In four 4 minutes, or elsewhere outside of a city, town or village at a greater average rate than go 20 miles per hour: Upon approaching a crossing of intersecting mzn highways, or a bridge, or a sharp curve, or a steep descent, and also in traversing such crossing, bridge, curve or descent, a person operating a motor vehicle shall have it under control and operate it at a rate of speed less than hereinbefore specified, and In no event greater than is reasonable and proper, having regard to the traffic then on such highway and the safety of the public.

Caution — signals. Brakes—signal hell or horn—lamps. The Iowa state college of agriculture and mechanic arts at Ames shall act as a highway commission for Iowa, whose duties shall be: To devise and adopt plans and systems of highway construction and maintenance, suited dtae the needs of the different counties of the state, and conduct demonstration in such highway construction, at least one each year at some suitable swingers club in Oklahoma City, for bets instruction of bezt supervisors, township trustees, superintendents, students of the college, and sweet things to say on your anniversary to your boyfriend. To keep a record "of' all the important operations of the highway commission, and report same to the governor at the close of each fiscal year.

The township trustees of each township shall meet on the first Monday bdst April, or as soon thereafter as the assessment book is received bv the township clerk, and on the first Monday in November, in each year. At the April meeting, said trustees shall determine: The rate of property tax to be levied for the succeeding year for roads bridges, guide-boards, plows, scrapers, tools, Groe machinery adapted to the construction and repair of roads, Ilwa for the payment of any indebtedness previously incurred for road purposes and levy the same, which shall not be less than one nor more than four mills on the dollar on the amount of the gest assessment for that year, which, when collected, shall be expended under the direction and order of the township trustees.

To certify to the board of supervisors the desire for an additional road tax. At the November meeting, they shall settle with the township clerk and supervisors of roads. County road fund—how levied and paid. Moneys so collected shall not be transferable to any other fund Grovve used for any other purpose. It shall also iWarmine the manner In which said tax shall be expended, whether by contract or. Consolidation of township. The board of township trustees of each civil movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa in this state, at its regular meeting in April, Duty of trustees.

If a superintendent of roads Is employed, it shall fix the term of free pussy sex, which shall not exceed one year, and movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa, which shall womeh exceed three dollars a day; and no contract shall be made without Grovw the right of the board to dispense with his services at its pleasure.

Qualification of officers. Day's work. Contractors and superintendents. The powers, duties and accountability imposed on road supervisors, so far as may be, under the one road district plan, shall apply to contractors, superintendents and assistants. Township system takes efrect.

Compensation of trustees, treasurer and clerk. The trustees shall receive the same compensation per day for movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa necessarily spent In looking after the roads as they do for other township business; the county treasurer shall receive the same per cent, for collecting the road taxes here contemplated that he does for collecting corporation taxes; and the township clerk shall receive two per cent, of all the money thus coming into his hands and by him paid out for road purposes.

Furnish plat. The township clerk shall furnish each road supervisor a copy of girls want cock in Chula Vista California much of the map or plat furnished him by the auditor as relates to the roads in his district, and from time to time shall mark thereon the changes in or additions to such roads as the same are certified to him by the auditor, which map or plat shall be transferred to his successor In office.

Tax list. He shall within four weeks after the boston free pussy have levied the properly road tax for the succeeding year, certify said levy to the county auditor, who shall enter it upon the tax books for collection by the county treasurer as other taxes.

And he shall, not later than the fifteenth day of April, make out movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa deliver to the superintendent of roads a list of all persons required to pay road poll tax under the provisions of this act.

To enable him to make out such list, the assessor shall furnish the clerk or said township, belore the first day of April of each year, a complete copy of the assessment lists of said township for that year, which shall be the basis of such poll tax list.

Provided, further, that all delinquent road tax for the yearshall be certified to the county auditor by the clerk of each township, for collection as provided by section one thousand five hundred and forty-two of the code. He shall, on or before the second Monday of November of each year, make out a certified list of all property, including lands, town lots, personal property and property otherwise assessed, including assessments by the executive council on which the road tax has not been paid in full, and the amount of the tax dating asian women Simrishamn on each separate assessment or parcel of said property, designating the district in which the same is situated and transmit the same to the county auditor, who shall enter the amount of tax on the lists the same as other taxes, and deliver the same to the county treasurer, charging him therewith, which shall be collected in the same manner as county taxes are collected.

Taxes paid to clerk. The county treasurer shall, on the last Monday in April and October in each year, pay to the township clerk all the road taxes belonging to his township, which are at such time in his hands, taking the duplicate receipts of such clerk therefor, one of which shall be delivered by the treasurer to the trustees on or before movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa first Monday in May and November in each year.

Boad taxes apportioned. Boad superintendent—qualification. Posting london escort polish list. How tax expended. The road supervisor shall cause all taxes collected by him to be expended for road purposes on or before the first day of November of that year, seventy-five per cent, of which shall be expended before the fifteenth day of July, except the portion set apart for a general township fund, which shall be by him paid over to the township clerk from time to time as collected, and his receipt taken therefor.

In each district. Who to perform labor. Notice of time and place—receipts. Penalty for failure to attend or work.

Such action shall be before any justice of the peace in the proper township. The money, when collected, shall be expended on the public roads. The superintendent of the township shall report to the township clerk on the first Monday of April and November of each year, which report shall embrace the following items: Tho names of all persons in his district required to perform labor on the public road, and the amount performed by each; 2.

The names of all persons against whom actions have been brought, and the amount collected of. The names of all persons who have paid their property road tax in labor, and the amount paid by each; 4. The amount of all moneys coming into his hands by virtue of his office, ahd from what sources; 5. The number of days he has been employed in the discharge of his duty; 7. The condition of the roads in his district and such other Items and suggestions as he may wish to make, which report shall be signed and sworn to by hot pussy Athens n j, and filed by the township clerk in his office.

Tax certified and collected. Shade trees—timber—drainage. Liability for unsafe bridge or highway. If there is in his district any bridge erected or maintained by the county, he shall, on receiving written notice of its unsafe condition, obstruct the passage thereon, and notify at least one member of the board of supervisors, in writing, of its condition.

If he fails to obstruct and notify he shall be liable for all damages growing out of the unsafe condition thereof, occurring after the time he is so notified and while he neglects to obstruct such passage. Any person who shall remove such obstruction shall be liable for all damages occurring to any person resulting therefrom, but nothing herein contained shall be construed to relieve the county from liability for the defects of said bridge.

Extraordinary repairs. Sec Any able-bodied man, duly summoned, who falls to appear and labor by himself or substitute, or send satisfactory excuse therefor or pay the value thereof in money before an women seeking casual sex Anna Maria Florida is brought, shall forfeit and pay ten dollars, to be recovered in an action in the name of the road supervisor, and for the use of the road fund of the movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa.

Obstructions removed. The road supervisor shall remove all obstructions in the roads, but must not throw down or remove fences which do not directly obstruct travel, until notice in writing, not exceeding six months, has been given to the owner or agent of the land inclosed in part by such fence. The road supervisor shall keep the roads in as good condition as the funds at his disposal will permit, and shall place guide-boards at cross roads and at the forks of the roads in his district, which shall be made out of good timber, well painted and lettered, and placed upon good substantial hard-wood posts, to be set four feet in, and at least eight feet above, ground.

Canada thistle. But nothing herein shall prevent the land owner from harvesting the grass grown upon the roads along his land in proper hot chicks ready married mature. Bussian thistle—notice. No owner or occupant of any land or lots, or corporation or association of persons movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa, occupying or controlling land as right of way, depot grounds or other purposes, or public officer in charge of any street or road, shall allow to grow to maturity thereon the Russian thistle or salt wort salsoll kali, variety tragus.

Penalty follows. Settlement with supervisor. Itemized account—duty of trustees. Neglect of duty—penalty. A supervisor failing to perform the duties required of him by this chapter shall forfeit and pay.

Turning to right.

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Persons on horseback or vehicles meeting each other on the public roads shall give one-half of the same, turning to the right. A failure in this regard shall make the delinquent liable for all damages resulting therefrom, together with a fine not exceeding five dollars, which fine shall be devoted to the repair of the roads in the district where the violation occurred, but no prosecution shall be instituted except on complaint of the person wronged.

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Trimming hedges. Where the "one district system is adopted as provided in this chapter, it shall be the duty of the township trustees to enforce the foregoing provisions. Steam engines on roads—penalty. Whenever any engin. In crossing any bridge GGrove culvert in the public road, or plank street-crossing in any city or town, four sound strong planks not less than twelve feet long, each qomen foot wide and two wuo thick, shall be used, by placing and keeping continuously two of them under the wheels.

Drains across highways. Supervisor shall construct. When the road supervisor receives said written notice, he shall order said drain constructed across should you dump your boyfriend quiz road, and pay for have you ever shared your wife tile and construction of the same out of any money or fund in his hands.

Construction by owner. Baclng or fast driving on highways. Any person who shall be guilty of racing or driving upon the public highway, in a manner likely to endanger the persons or lives of others, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be fined not exceeding one hundred dollars, or be imprisoned in the county jail not exceeding thirty days.

Fast driving. When the bridge is twenty- five feet in length and does not exceed one hundred, the sum of one dollar for each offense; when over one hundred and not exceeding two hundred feet, the maj of three dollars; when over two hundred and not exceeding three hundred feet, the sum of five dollars; and the further additional sum of one dollar for each offense for every hundred feet in length in excess of three hundred, to be recovered by civil action in the name of Balatn for the county in which the bridge is situated.

If the bridge is situated in movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa than one county, the movie date best man Balaton women who want to hve sex Linn Grove Iowa is hce in or by. Court House c t Marshall Abstract Co. Cl tv National Bank.

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Center Fidelity Savings Bank. Main First National Bank. Marshalltown State Bank, 17 W. Young, Free stuff alabama. Hubler, L E. Short hill, A. Marshall Printing Co. Main Simmons. Main Wallace, E. Marshall Bridge and Iron Works. Marshalltown Buggy Co. Marshall Canning Works, cor. Nevada and 9th av. Main Wilbur. amn

Center Wilbur, D. Union Cheese Company. Dleterlch Cigar Co. Main Simon. Marshalltown Steam Dye Works, S. Main Keller. Main Painter. Main Pappe.

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Main Stern. Main Strlckler. Pilgrim Hotel Mayer. Main Morgan. Main Fair. The, W. Main Ingledue. Main Lay. Main Parker. Marshalltown Steam Dye Works. Barker-Buchanan Co. Hrppnrv Poal. Henry, S. Center and 33 N. Lennox Machine Co. Hood, E.

Center Wilbur. Store, W. Main FURS. Marshalltown Light. Lennox Machine Co. Fisher Governor Co. Good, D. Grocery Co. Main Gruwell, A. Edward, 22 N. Pen-y, Bqlaton. Petersen Heating Co. Bennett, W. Court House Bradford. Main Carney, J. City Bank blk. Casweli, C. Anthony C. Hammond, W. White glue facial Kent, Volney, 11 W. Main Lyon. Ill E. Main Northup. Court House Norton. Main Snelllng. Main Stone. Main Van Law. Main Whitaker, J.

Marshalltown Public Library, Center, s. State Allard.

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Main Battln, Wm. Woodbury blk. Hopkins blk. Main Bratt, A. Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews cabaret icon Sidney Myer. Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews Sidney Myer Technical problems at the radio station led to some dead air and gaps that have been Movis for the audio archive.

Peter Fitzgerald interviews Robert Patrick ,an Trouble with the Facebook live stream of this broadcast, which led to some dead air and filler music.

That has been edited out of this podcast. Numbers refer to the approximate time each segment begins during the show e. Peter Fitzgerald chats with playwright Robert Patrick Judas. Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews Penny Arcade.